Solving Reality

Official physics doesn't have a rational explanation for our reality, but one does exist. What's more, it's an explanation that many brilliant physicists believed was true, and one with which ancient texts agree.
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This year, along with some other writing projects, I've written a new popular science book called 'Solving Reality. It covers similar ground to my other book 'How science shows…', but this new book doesn't include the historical element in the previous tome. This new book is also, I think, easier to understand, especially when it comes to the physics. It's also smaller in size, physically and digitally, as its illustrations are all black-and-white and it about 40,000 words long. Think of it as a pocket tome, full of fascinating and significant ideas. Here's the contents:

Part 1: Problems and Solutions
Problem #1: The Life-Entropy Problem
Problem #2: Maxwell’s Demon
Problem #3: Boltzmann’s Well-Ordered Universe Problem
Problem #4: The Big Bang and the Law of Conservation of Energy
Problem #5: The Baryon Asymmetry Problem
Problem #6: The Fine Tuning Problem
Problem #7: Human Psychology
Problem #8: The Observer Problem
Problem #9: Schrödinger’s Cat
Problem #10: Wigner’s Friend
Solution #1: Minds create reality
Problem #11: Laplace’s Demon
Solution #2: Reality is a crazy recording.

Part 2: Evidence


Part 3: Meaning

Why are we alive?
What happens after death?

At the moment, I am making the book available for free as a download (a 4Mb pdf file). I want to do this because I think it's important that as many people read it as possible. I may, in future, produce a longer, more detailed version, with more illustrations, and put that on sale, mostly because I'll probably need the cash. Until then, this shorter one is free to read.
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