Prof Eric Laithwaite - video review

Here is a very well presented video about the career of Professor Eric Laithwaite, an accomplished engineer and inventor and the main brain behind MagLev or magnetic levitation. This video focuses mainly on Eric's development of magnetic levitation, which was a major achievement in itself, but at the 12:00 minute mark, the video moves on to a fascinating anomaly that Laithwaite highlighted. It is that a gyroscope, spinning at high speed, exhibits anomalous gravitation effects when moved in a certain direction. It seems, based on Laithwaite's straightforward demonstration, that the gyroscope's weight, the force of gravitation acting on its mass, is significantly lessened when moving in a certain direction while spinning at high speed.

Eric's demonstration is so simple that it's hard to imagine why this phenomenon hasn't been thoroughly investigated, but there are straightforward reasons for this.

1) Cognitive Dissonance. As I've mentioned in a previous blog, if something doesn't fit in with the expected view of how reality is, then the viewer is unable to process it. They simply blank it out, ignore it or dismiss it as fake.

2) Established dogma. If the establishment has declared that certain things are true and other things aren't, then anything that doesn't belong in the 'true' list is dismissed by all members of the establishment, mostly out of self-preservation.

3) Hidden agendas. There is a lot of evidence indicating that the U.S. military and the armies of the other superpowers had been investigating exactly the sort of anomalous phenomena that Laithwaite is demonstrating. For more on that, I recommend the books Secrets of Anti-Gravity Propulsion by Prof Paul Laviolette and the thief and the book, the scientist, the madman, the thief and his lightbulb. This work was heavily discussed in Defence Weekly in the 1950's and then suddenly disappeared from all publications. Any and all military classified groups would not want such advanced technology to be investigated in the public domain.

My comment to the video was:

"Thank you. That was a very interesting video. It's a shame that the comments [to this video] will include spurious comparisons to hot gases (which simply displace the existing air). Laithwaite was showing that the gravitational pull of an object was not purely related to its mass. The Equivalence Principle, that gravitation and inertial mass are the same, and which Einstein used for his Relativity theory, is still something that is assumed in physics, rather than proved. There is a lot of evidence that this assumption is wrong and that charge and gravity are related. For more on that, I would recommend Thomas Townsend Brown's work, Nikola Tesla's, John Searl and Prof Paul Laviolette. Unfortunately, it is no surprise that Laithwaite was vilified; Searl was imprisoned and his house was burnt down, Tesla was bankrupted, it's a long list [the book ' the scientist, the madman, the thief and his lightbulb' reports on more victims] There is an enormous amount of military secrecy swirling around 'anomalous' gravitation phenomena."

I therefore definitely recommend the video.