'The mystery of the crystal skulls' book review

As a break from UFO articles, I thought it would be a good moment to review a book I've very much enjoyed; 'The mystery of the crystal skulls' by Chris Morton and Ceri Louise Thomas. This is a fat paperback describing the authors' journey in investigating and uncovering information about certain crystal skulls, in particular the Mitchell-Hedges skull, found in the 1920's by Anne Mitchell-Hedges and her father in a Mayan pyramid in Central America.

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To be honest, I've never read much on crystal skulls, as I've viewed them as being of only minor significance amongst the many strange anomalies present on our planet. Morton and Thomas's book proved me wrong on this matter, as they've put together a great documentary story, along with a wealth of data, not only about the major crystal skulls available to study in the world but also the views of the indigenous people connected to those skulls. The story includes solid science, folk tales, psychic readings, bizarre conspiracies, secrets and predictions about our future.

The star of the book is definitely the Mitchell-Hedges quartz, rock-crystal skull. Not only is the skull the most well-known skull, the book includes a report on analysis of the skull by the Hewlett Packard laboratories. The staff there used their skills in fabricating pure quartz crystals for electronic devices to analyse the skull's construction and internal make-up. Their report makes it clear that the skull isn't just a carved piece of rock; its piezo-electric properties, prismatic properties, purity and crystal patterning clearly belong to something created by a very advanced culture. And yet, it was found in an ancient Mayan pyramid. here's a quote from the book about its optical properties:

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"The Hewlett Packard team also examined the skull's unusual optical properties, such as its ability to channel light from below, so that it is focussed out through the eye sockets. Apparently, this is only possible on account of the orientation of the skull's optical axis. What this means is that light actually travels quicker through the skull in one direction than another. Jack explained that not only was the skull able to perform those incredible tricks with normal, multi-directional light, but also that if you shine directional or polarised light at the skull, not only does the light pass along its optical axis quicker than in any other direction, but the skull actually rotates the light as it travels along its axis!"

Very interesting.

I can't comment on everything I found interesting in the book, as I would be here all day writing, but I would say that for any reader that found my Influence Idea fascinating, or the Great Pyramid and 2787 BC, or the history chapter of my book How Science Shows, or my graphic novel The Great Secret, then I would recommend that such a reader read Morton and Thomas's book. It doesn't drag, even sections that feel a little like padding are still interesting and it has an important, wise and profound message.

The book's key message is that in our modern world, which filled with accelerating technology, a period time referred to in the book as the Time of Quickening, is in a terrible spiritual state. Human beings have lost their crucial, spiritual connection to the land and nature, a problem that people in the book refer to as the separation. The elders in the book make it clear that this can't go on much longer; a reckoning is due. In the book, the Hopi First People of North America are said to have stated a prophecy, that our world has been wrecked by cataclysms in the past and in the next one, 'a gourd of ashes will be poured upon the Earth'. It's not clear in the book whether this refers to a single atomic explosion, atomic war or a major volcanic eruption. As I've explained in my previous article 'Nuclear Weapons and a Natural Disaster', it could quite easily be all three. There's no sign that climate change is slowing down, while the world's population is increasingly rapidly and no global nuclear disarmament is taking place. If these three factors are added together, then when the next major volcanic eruption occurs, something that will probably come early, triggered by shrinking glaciers, it will inevitably cause panic, exodus and invasion of other countries by people desperate for food and habitable land. When that happens, the ensuing fighting and wars will then inevitably trigger a major nuclear war. This chain of events, to be honest, is not an 'if' but a 'when' scenario, unless we make major changes to our current setup.

Doomsday predictions aside, I heartily recommend 'The mystery of the crystal skulls' as an enjoyable, informative and thought-provoking book.