Why psychopaths and secret clans rule us all

2016 has been an interesting year, to say the least. As the year is coming to a close, I thought it would worth thinking about possibly the most important even of the year; the election of Donald Trump to become President of the United States. Many people in the Western World have been appalled at how far Donald Trump has risen, considering his alleged traits of poor attention span, callousness, continual lying, shallow misogyny, racism, homophobia, incendiary militarism, etc. It's interesting to note that such traits are linked, in psychology circles, with sociopaths and psychopaths.

The term ‘psychopath’ and ‘sociopath’ effectively mean the same thing; a person who has effectively no empathy or compassion for others. When many people think about psychopaths, they immediately think about serial killers. It is true that the two are closely linked. Psychopaths have such poor internal mental activity that they can only gain stimulus from intense external experiences. This need, combined with almost no compassion, gives rise to the serial killer behaviour, as the psychopath craves the intensity of a violent act and sees no reason not to carry it out. Read More...

Dean Radin and Reality

Here's another good video from Dean Radin, who is a senior scientist at the Institute of Noetic Science over in the United States. I reviewed another video presented by him recently in which he explains the scientific evidence that show how our minds influence events at the quantum level, which underpins physical reality. This video covers similar, related material, including a very accessible explanation of our understanding of reality. Specifically, Radin explains how the material constituents of our reality don't give rise to our minds but that our minds give rise to the material constituent of our physical reality.

In this video, as well as the previous video I've blogged about, Radin ponders why the scientific establishment adamantly refuses to accept the consequences of such a huge amount of experimental evidence, along with the conclusions made by many esteemed scientists over the last century. He notes that the New York Times recently went so far as to warn people not to even entertain the conclusions of an upcoming science paper, even before it was published, because it broke the established paradigm.

It's a very important question; how can all this consistent and repeatable evidence be ignored? One reason is financial. Those at the top of the money-tree in science decide what the scientific establishment believe and disbelieves. That small elite at the financial summits hold the purse strings and the vast majority of scientists tow the dogmatic line because they have bills to pay and they want to progress in their careers. A few scientists may risk their reputation and careers to put forward theories that are against the official line but they are few in number and so can easily be marginalised and excluded from the journals and senior posts. Our scientific establishment certainly does include many principled and brilliant scientists but, because it is a hierarchical, financial organisation, it is cursed to follow the wishes and personal agendas of its financial overlords. As for what their agendas are, and why they're so keen to block a mind-first understanding of reality, that's a topic for another article.

Secondly, there's also a huge problem known as the herd effect. On that matter, I'll leave you with the classic Candid Camera sequence from the 1950's:

New Philosopher Magazine short-listed article

Just a quick note to say that an article of mine on the subject of Luck was shortlisted in the latest New Philosopher magazine writing competition. I entered the competition because I enjoyed the recent issue of New Philosopher on the subject of Nature. Not surprisingly, the issue was dominated by climate change but it was very refreshing for the contributors to speak candidly about the subject. Unlike many popular magazines and newspapers, the articles in New Philosopher were direct, thoughtful, imaginative and knowledgeable.

Anyone who has read my recent non-fiction, popular science book How Science Shows (that almost everything we've been told is wrong) will find a lot of the article's content familiar but it does have a unique twist, and it's shorter. Here's the article:

‘Luck’ by Adrian Ellis

Most people would like to be lucky; they’d wish that random events such as a lottery draw would swing their way and give them a windfall. They’d love to know that when they’d meet their future soulmate, they’d not - in the inimitable words of Alanis Morissette - then ‘meet his beautiful wife’. But everyone knows, at the end of the day, that the world is ruled by random chance. What happens is entirely beyond a person’s control and is simply pure chance.

Oddly enough, science can show us that the very opposite may be true. To explain this, we’ll need the help of a warmongering ex-Hungarian with a penchant for memorising telephone directories, a deeply uncertain cat and a man with a very large moustache. Read More...

Mysteries of our Ancient Past documentary

There aren't a lot of documentaries exploring controversial evidence about our ancient past in Britain nowadays (readers can come to their own conclusions about why that is so). The United States does have the interesting 'Ancient Aliens' series but that it is very whizz-bang and, not surprisingly, very preoccupied about evidence of alien visitations. In fact, they see aliens in so many pieces of controversial evidence that it becomes ludicrous at times, but there's no doubt it can be fun to watch and there are some fascinating nuggets in many of the episodes.

Here is a more measured documentary from Europe, exploring strange evidence about our ancient past. It includes well-known writers in the field such as Colin Wilson, Eric Bauval and Christopher Dunn. I very much enjoyed the documentary and was happy with a lot of its content, apart from the last fifteen minutes when it strayed into the theory of crust displacement. Although I don't feel that crust displacement is impossible, I think other, more established natural events can explain what happened at the end of our last ice age. For example, I am particularly convinced that our planet was bombarded by a shower of meteorites, the Younger Dryas Impact event, which itself could have been caused by the strange Planet X or Nibiru entering our inner solar system again as part of its 17,000 year orbit.

If I find more interesting documentaries, I'll post them up here. It can be very tedious, trawling through youtube, looking for decent documentaries, and so I'll try and act as a filter, posting those programmes I find that I think are worth watching.

Experimental evidence for the mind's influence on reality.

In my book 'How science shows that almost everything important we've been told is wrong', I've tried to explain how a generation of quantum physicists, giants in their field, concluded that our minds must be responsible for creating reality out of the quantum realm. As part of that explanation, I've reported on experiments that provide solid trial evidence that such a phenomenon does occur, in particular the work of Professor Jahn at Princeton University.

Another scientist who's been conducting a similar type of experiment is Dean Radin, working on the West Coast of the United States. Dr Radin has written a number of books, including 'Supernormal', which I have reviewed already. He's also presented several videos to show, carefully, methodically and thoroughly, the experimental case for our minds influencing quantum-scale events. Here's one video presented by him that I do recommend:

As Dr Radin explains, the experimental results his team have produced - to support the idea that our minds influence reality at the quantum scale - are highly convincing. The results are far above any chance result. To speak scientifically, they are 4 sigma in deviation from the norm. in other words, it is extremely unlikely that the results of his team's experiments are just a chance occurrence. Their results also correspond fully with the results Dr Jahn produced in his long series of experiments.

In his summing up in the video, Dr Radin agrees with comments I have made in the past about how our Western scientific establishment rejects these results. He accepts that the current situation is no different to Galileo inviting the Catholic Priests to look through his telescope. The powers-that-be in the Western World in our time do not want the current dogmatic paradigm of Scientific Materialism changed, even though it is fundamentally flawed and irrational.

Hopefully, fingers crossed, the change will happen regardless. To quote Napoleon Bonaparte:

“There are but two powers in the world, the sword and the mind. In the long run the sword is always beaten by the mind."

The sad world of conspiracy theories

This week, there have been several articles in the media, including the Guardian and the New Scientist magazine, discussing the worrying problem among members of the public to believe in conspiracy theories.

It is a worrying problem that so many ordinary people develop the belief that the official story of many major events is untrue. In a bid to try and end this unfortunate trend amongst so many members of the public, I will explain, using deductive logic, what really occurred two major, conspiracy-theory-ridden events.

Two events have particularly become embroiled in conspiracy theories in recent years. The first event took place during the tragedy of 9/11; the crashing of a Boeing 757 into the Pentagon.

A Boeing 757 is a large, passenger aircraft. It’s about fifty metres long and forty metres wide. An example is shown in the above photo. On that fateful day, a 757 crashed into the side of the Pentagon building in the United States. Emergency services were called and fire crews worked to put out the flames from the impact, as shown in the accompanying photo.


Viewers may note a strange problem with the above scene, in that the Boeing 757 passenger plane seems to have disappeared. Not only is there no Boeing, but there isn't even any signs that a Boeing landed. A Boeing 757 is a very large aircraft and when one crashes, it leaves a very big mess. Its wings do usually disintegrate, due to them being hollow and often full of fuel, but its engines and particularly its tail section usually remain intact, especially when a plane hits the ground at a shallow angle, as in the Pentagon event. The accompanying photo below shows such a crash (it's a different model of plane, but you get the idea).


George Monbiot and Logan's Run

The election of Donald Trump in the United States has had a huge effect on global feelings about our future on this planet. The slight warm, fuzzy feeling that the Paris Climate Agreement gave people - which was an event big on holding hands but small on legally binding targets - has gone.

A good example of such gloom is an article in the Guardian newspaper this week from George Monbiot. George’s article is headed with a still from the film ‘The Road’, based on the brilliant but extremely depressing novel by Cormac McCarthy, which describes a post-collapse USA, freezing cold and inhabited by roving bands of violent cannibals. George makes it clear that the combination of Trump and his team, plus the far right surge in Europe, combined with climate change and the dwindling life in our over-worked soils, makes for a very grim future. He ends his article by saying:

“So the key question is not how we weather them [the problems listed so far] but how – if this is possible – we avert them. Can it be done? If so what would it take?” Read More...

A dream of a circle of light

A while ago, I wrote a blog about my dreams. Just in case anyone’s confused, they weren’t dreams about scoring a Premiership goal or going to bed with Princess Leia. Instead, they were dreams which seemed to have been designed to help me stop being violent, constructed to stop me reacting violently when being teased, annoyed or intimidated. I realised, as a result of those dreams, that I should think; ‘are my actions making the situation better or worse?’ If someone says something rude to me, then me grabbing them and throwing them against a wall (in my dreams, mark; I don’t do that in real life) will have only made things worse. I might feel justified in doing it but that’s irrelevant. All I’ve done is changed the world from one rude person (him) to one rude person (him) and one violent person (me), which is a clear step down. That doesn’t help the world at all.

Since that blog article, I haven’t written anything more about my dreams but earlier this year, I experienced a particularly significant dream and that is the subject of this article.

Four months ago, while I was asleep in bed, my sleeping mind became aware of that I was in a pitch-black, empty place and that someone else’s spirit was close to me. In fact, that spirit-individual had somehow come to me and was holding me tightly. I initially thought that it was some kind of attack and wrestled with this visitor. The visitor appeared dark and shadowy. He (for he felt masculine) was shaped like a person but he had no face. His arms were strange; it was as if dark smoke was constantly rising off them, like a strange sort of fire with only the dimmest of dark blue flames. I continued to wrestle with this dark visitor. I became angry and defiant and demanded that he yield. Then, I had a sudden moment of awareness of what I was doing. I had his arm in a lock and I immediately released it. I held his arm and shoulder in a friendly way and I said ‘let’s stop this. It is stupid. I don’t want to fight with you. We can be friends. Why are you here? You don’t have to do this. What is the matter?’ Read More...

Alternative 3 - the current situation

A fortnight ago, I blogged about the very interesting UK ATV 1977 pretend-fact documentary called 'Alternative 3, with its pretend-serious message that the power elite of our world have known for a long time that our planet was heading for global environmental collapse. What's more, they have been planning what to do about it. After much thought, they came up with three alternatives:

Alternative 1: A drastic reduction in the global, human population.

Alternative 2: The relocation of a fraction of humanity into underground bases and subterranean cities.

Alternative 3: The establishment of human colonies on the Moon and Mars.

In the rest of the previous blog article, I explained that the programme makers of Alternative 3 insisted that it was meant as a fictional programme. I do believe them but in truth, that's unimportant. What's now important is the question; 'Are Alternatives 2 & 3 in that programme actually underway?' Let's investigate… Read More...

'Arrival' film review

I'd been looking forward to watching 'Arrival' for the last few months and, fortunately, it didn't disappoint. I do like thoughtful science fiction movies and although Hollywood can produce some absolute turkey sci-fi films, along with a steady stream of macho-xenophobic-US-centric tosh, they can also make some excellent offerings. Contact with Jodie Foster was excellent, so was Gravity (which was actually filmed mostly in London's Soho), along with the Stephen Soderberg remake of 'Solaris'. I even liked Matt Damon's 'The Martian', or at least until the schmaltz and woefully impossible orbiting times in the latter half of that movie tarnished the story.

Arrival revolves around Amy Adam's character, an academic linguist who studies language structures as well as knowing multitudes of languages fluently. Although the film is supposed to be about the aliens, it's really about her as a mother, (mild plot spoilers) overcoming a family tragedy. For anyone who blurts out 'but that's exactly the premise of Sandra Bullock's character in Gravity!' I can only say that it seems to currently be the view in Hollywood that the only type of woman who can reach out to the stars and be intelligent and resourceful has to have seriously suffered as a mum. Read More...

Alternative 3 - fact or fiction?

‘Alternative 3’ was a British television programme broadcast by Anglia Television (ATV) in 1977. It was planned to be broadcast on April 1st that year but due to scheduling problems, was eventually broadcast in June. Its original broadcast date was a big clue to its actual nature. ‘Alternative 3’ was designed and written as a spoof, as a fictional story posing as a serious science documentary.

The programme begins by investigating a British ‘brain drain’, a mysterious exodus of leading British scientists and engineers who are leaving the country, supposedly to take up lucrative new posts abroad, but are never seen again. Some send back regular postcards but when the relatives try and visit the places abroad where the persons are supposedly living, they discover that their loved one is not living there at all; their correspondence was faked.

The programme then moves into an even more sinister area. Senior scientists in the UK admit to the investigative reporters that mysterious but extremely powerful groups at the top levels of government have worked out that the Earth is heading for a climate collapse due to the greenhouse effect (note that it is in a programme broadcast in 1977). These groups have concluded that in the next century-or-so, only a small fraction of the current human population will be able to live on Earth’s surface, due to the climate collapse. Read More...

Planet Nine and the end of our last ice age

Today's Guardian newspaper reports on a new twist in the theory that a massive ninth planet exists in our solar system, travelling in a very long (17,000 year) orbit around our sun. At the beginning of this year, astronomers put forward the idea that a massive planet, a little smaller than Neptune, was causing the strange orbits of objects in our Kuiper belt; the remote region at the edge of our solar system (only beaten by the even more remote Oort Cloud).

This week, the researchers explained that the existence of such a planet also explained the strange tilt of our sun in relation to our known planets. This new supporting fact makes the 'Planet Nine' hypothesis (not planet ten as pluto is officially no longer a planet) much more convincing. Here's the video explaining what they've found:

The reason I'm blogging about this, apart from it being really interesting new science, is that it could be the missing piece in the strange events at the end of our last ice age. About 12,000 years ago, according to the Younger Dryas Impact Hypothesis, our planet was showered with a large number of meteorites. These meteorites caused huge wildfires, threw up a lot of soot and dust into the atmosphere and cooled the planet for many years. In my book, 'how science shows…', I point out that Plato's ancient dialogues ‘Timaeus’ and 'Critias' - the source of the legends about Atlantis - also talk about a 'declination of the bodies' in the sky and a corresponding conflagration on the Earth in very ancient times. In one passage, the Ancient Egyptian priest states:

“There have been, and will be again, many destructions of mankind arising out of many causes; the greatest have been brought about by the agencies of fire and water, and other lesser ones by innumerable other causes. There is a story, which even you have preserved, that once upon a time Paethon, the son of Helios, having yoked the steeds in his father’s chariot, because he was not able to drive them in the path of his father, burnt up all that was upon the earth, and was himself destroyed by a thunderbolt. Now this has the form of a myth, but really signifies a declination of the bodies moving in the heavens around the earth, and a great conflagration of things upon the earth, which recurs after long intervals.”

Up until now, the reason that our planet was bombarded by asteroids in 10,000 BC was unknown. I therefore had to speculate in the book as to its cause, but this latest research about Planet Nine could be the missing piece of the jigsaw.

It is likely that Planet Nine, if it does exist, is currently at the far side of its orbit, which would explain why astronomers haven't spotted it. If this is correct, then Planet Nine would have entered our solar system around 10,000 ago (approximately), the period of the Younger Dryas impact event. What's more, the arrival of a massive planet in our solar system, travelling through our Kuiper Belt, would understandably throw a lot of planetoids and asteroids out of their normal orbits. These objects could then have plunged into the inner solar system and bombarded our planet. It all fits together very well. If the evidence is correct, then the Younger Dryas Impact Event did happen in 10,000 BC and it was caused by Planet Nine's arrival in our solar system.

This theory also leads to a very strange possibility; that Zechariah Sitchin's theory about a mysterious extra planet, Nibiru, that he states is written about in the Ancient Sumerian records, may not be as far-fetched as it seems. I haven't studied his work in detail so I can't comment further, but it is another possible area of interest.

Fascinating stuff! :-)

The simple logic of a new view of reality

In the last two months, I've been receiving some good feedback on my book 'How science shows that almost everything important we've been told is wrong'. People do seem to be enjoying the humour and the clear explanation of the scientific topics. So far, no one's complimented me on my illustrations, which is a bit disappointing :-(.(Maybe they appreciate them subconsciously?) but otherwise, the comments have been complimentary and encouraging.

One interesting pattern so far in the feedback is that readers will read the whole of the book but then take issue over a minor point, rather than discuss the book's core points. For example, readers have taken issue over the idea that the Ancient Egyptians actually sent their pharaoh god's spirit to Thuban on a ray of light. I do make it clear that such an idea cannot be proven with science and remains simply a supposition, a reporting of the Ancient Egyptian belief. The actual solid evidence on that topic shows only that the Ancient Egyptians built the Great Pyramid to beam a ray of light at the star Thuban in 2787 BC, the moment in history when it was actually, physically possible to send a ray of light successfully to another star from a fixed structure located on Earth.

Even though the 'Great Pyramid, Thuban and 2787BC' theory is solid and significant, it's not the truly important element of the book. I'm going to describe, below, THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF THE BOOK in just three statements. These statements are entirely scientific but their conclusion is profound. Here goes:

1) Everything physical in the universe, if left to its own devices, becomes more disordered over time. This is known as the Law of Entropy or 'the Second Law of Thermodynamics'.

2) But there is a problem; Life becomes more ordered over time. Life turns simple matter (gases, water) into highly complex structures (DNA, proteins, cells). The phenomena of Life cannot be explained away as a result of the sun's energy, as energy and order are not related; a hot gas is no more ordered than a cold gas. In fact, increasing energy invariably increases disorder, not the other way round. Life's ordering effect therefore cannot be coming from a purely physical cause.

3) Therefore, since Life is
increasing order in our universe and everything in our universe, if left to its own devices, decreases in order, then Life must be being influenced by something outside of our universe, outside of physical reality.

It's definitely worth reading the third statement more than once, to get one's head around it. Once one has done that, the statement's consequences start to take shape and they are extensive and profound. 'How science shows' explores some of those consequences but not all (there's too many to fit in one book!).

Although the above, third statement may seem controversial, in many ways, science established that conclusion decades ago. In cosmology, the riddles of the Baryon Asymmetry Problem, the Fine Tuning Problem and Boltzmann's Well-Ordered Universe Problem can only be solved by accepting that an intelligence created our universe and that intelligence continued to exert a positive, organising influence over the universe. For more on that topic, do please read this earlier blog post.

Therefore, it can be scientifically proven that Materialism, the idea that only physical things exist, is wrong. Materialism is impossible in our universe. Our universe has to have been created by an organising intelligence, originating from outside of physical reality. In addition, all living things in our universe have to be physical manifestations of organising influences originating from outside of physical reality; that's the only way they can exist and defy entropy, according to our scientific understanding.

What's fascinating is that once a person accepts the above three statements, then everything about our lives and reality becomes profoundly different; that's why I chose such a provocative title to the book. All the extra stuff in 'How Science Shows…' about pyramids and Atlantis and corn-on-the-cob is fun and valid, but of secondary importance to the third statement written out above. It's that statement that is so important, as it is the Galileo's Telescope that brings the Holy Church of Materialism and Atheism crashing down to the ground. Viva La Revolution! ;-)

Adrian Ellis, 12th Oct 2016

Someone made the cake

This week, I though it would be good to blog about cosmology. I've been reading week's New Scientist magazine for years. In its pages, on a regular basis, there'll be an article on how physicists are trying to come up with a solution to solve thorny problems regarding the Big Bang; the beginning of our universe. Unfortunately, this has been going on for literally decades with no sign of any significant progress. A big part of the problem is that there are several glaring problems with the current, Materialist view of the universe's birth. They are 'Boltzmann's Well Ordered Universe Problem', 'The Baryon Asymmetry Problem' and the 'Fine-Tuning Problem.' These problems are clear, straightforward and simply refuse to go away. What's interesting is that they can all be solved if one adopts a particular Dualist view of the universe. In my new non-fiction book, 'How science shows that almost everything important we've been told is wrong', I've explained how that works and I thought it would be fun to post it here:

Scrambled Egg

At the beginning of the twentieth century, several astronomers noticed something odd about galaxies. When they studied the motion of remote galaxies by measuring their red shift (similar to a Doppler Shift), it seemed that all the galaxies were all moving away from us and each other. There seemed to be only one conclusion, that the universe itself was expanding. It was as if the universe was like the surface of a balloon and everything on that surface was moving away from everything else as the universe ‘inflated’.

This startling fact did match a consequence of Albert Einstein’s General Relativity, which predicted that the whole universe should be expanding. In 1927, Georges Lemaître, a Belgian Catholic Priest and astrophysicist, took note of this new information. He concluded that if everything in the universe is expanding away from every other thing in the universe, then the universe must have originally started from a single point. Lemaître called this single point from which the universe sprang the ‘Primeval Atom’ or ‘Cosmic Egg’. These names are evocative and apt, but they aren’t half as much fun as ‘Big Bang’. This description was coined by astronomer Fred Hoyle during a 1949 BBC radio broadcast. Hoyle didn’t believe the universe was expanding and his choice of phrase, whether deliberate or not, wasn’t exactly complimentary or scientifically accurate. Since space and time also started at that first moment, nothing had any size, nor was there anything to explode into, thus making a ‘big bang’ impossible on all counts. Nevertheless, the phrase stuck. Read More...

Nuclear weapons and a natural disaster

As a change from the recent blogs about the ‘psi earth’ story idea, I thought it would be good to talk about another topic that’s been in the papers this week. In the U.K., our Parliament recently conducted a debate in whether or not to renew our Trident nuclear missile programme. Britain currently has a small fleet of submarines carry many nuclear warheads which will cost around £200 billion over the next twenty years to upgrade and maintain. The arguments for and against the continuing of this trident missile fleet are roughly:

Against: They cost a lot. We’re more likely to be attacked if we have nuclear weapons. It’s wrong to use nuclear weapons. One could go off accidentally with disastrous effects (start a war, kill people, fill a large area with radioactivity). They’re actually an outdated weapon system and modern developments in drone technology means that nuclear subs can be watched by underwater schools of drones all the time and sunk immediately in a war situation before they could launch anything.

For: They’re a deterrent. We feel safer. We continue to be a major power in the world. We’ve got a big stick.

The British government voted clearly in favour of keeping Trident going. Many people in Britain agree with keeping Trident as they do agree with all the items in the ‘For’ section listed above. It also seems to be the case, in the eyes of many people, that there won’t be a nuclear war because the nuclear powers of the world won’t fire off their weapons unless they’re invaded. Logically, since no one in their right mind would to invade a nuclear powered country, nuclear war will never happen. This view seems solid but it misses an important scenario, which is the subject of this article. Read More...

Psi-Earth - 5 - Technology - Smartphones


Just to recap, Psi-Earth is an Alternative Earth story where the world is the same as the modern-day but it is a world where the ideas I've developed in my book 'How science shows that almost everything important we've been told is wrong' are correct and are being actively used by secret groups. The tragedy of the 'Psi-Earth' story is that human-kind is capable of psi-abilities but unfortunately, secret and powerful groups are keeping humanity blind to their own abilities in order that the ones who do use psi-abilities can maintain a critical advantage and control of power on Earth. It's a dark, dramatic, tense scenario that could make a very good novel or two. Rather than hide its development away in a notebook, I thought I'd blog its development instead while I work on my science fiction comedy novel.

In the first blog article, I talked about the basic premise of the story. In the second article, I described a potential main character, Xander, and the dangers he faced as soon as secret and powerful group became aware of his progression as a remote viewer. So far in the story, Xander has narrowly avoided being killed after being led into a trap by henchman working for one of the secret elite groups, or at least he thinks he avoided a trap. As every danger in the story is elusive and strange, it's very difficult for the main characters to be sure that they are in danger. In this way, the story is a lot like a classic spy story where agents must make life-or-death decisions based on the most enigmatic of clues. In the third article, I described part of the historical background for the Psi-Earth and the origins of the secret elite groups from the early and very influential Mystery Religions of Antiquity. In the fourth article, I talked about identity chips and how each person in the developed world could have on inside themselves without knowing it.

This week’s blog article on ‘Psi Earth’ continues the subject of technology and is all about smartphones.

In the entire history of surveillance and population control, nothing comes close to the power of the smartphone. It combines the influencing power of the television, the surveillance power of the secreted bug and many more besides. Infamous secret elites throughout history would have given their right eye to have access to a device that the common masses would willingly walk around with all day, a device that they would constantly stare at and a device from which they would gain most of their knowledge of what was going on. The potent combination of a smartphone and the social networking system, run by a small number of huge corporations, has all the potential to become an iCult, a system in which all members only hear what their iCult leaders want them to hear and even that information is heavily distorted to fit with the leaders’ agendas.

At the moment, the main concerns about smartphones are their ability to track people’s location and download a copy of the information they place on their phone. This concern is well-established and Edward Snowden, the U.S. N.S.A. whistleblower, has talked extensively about software packages secretly installed on target phones that carry out such tasks (endearingly given names from the Smurfs). Snowden has also recently been involved in developing a case that can tell the owner when the phone is connecting to bluetooth and wi-fi without the owner’s consent.

But there is another field of activity that a smartphone is capable of that has not been mentioned (to my knowledge). The power of recent smartphones has enabled voice assistants to become a viable piece of installed software, with Apple’s ‘Siri’ being a well-known example. These voice-assistance programmes are now able to draw upon information stored about their users on the phone and use that information to suggest or give recommendations to the user. This is all very useful and can be a great tool. In addition, smartphone software is now also able to analyse their owner’s sleep patterns in order to advise and help them with healthier routines, sleep problems and other related issues. If we combine these two developments, someone's smartphone can help and assist them 24 hours a day, when they are awake and asleep.

But if we combine these items together - the voice assistant and the sleep analyst - then someone’s smartphone has the potential to do something dark. Someone's smartphone has the potential to mesmerise their owner while that owner is asleep. For anyone panicked by this idea, keep in mind that no one’s reported this happening (as far as I know) but it is theoretically possible. The setup is straightforward. If a person goes to sleep with their phone beside them then if the phone has been hacked, it can listen to them throughout the night, even if it is 'officially' turned off. The phone can analyse their breathing patters, the sound of their movements in bed and calculate when they are at their most receptive to suggestion. It can then speak to them in whatever voice is most influential to them, from the voice-assistant's library, based on information gathered about that person. As a result, in a low-key but effective way, the phone can mesmerise or at least significantly influence its owner. What’s more, this entire process can be carried out automatically, following a complex and sophisticated algorithm. Since smartphone microphones are of excellent quality nowadays, akin to the microphones of professional sound studios thirty years ago, the programme can even monitor if anyone else in earshot wakes up or enters the scene. If that happens, the programme can immediately go quiet until that interloper has gone or returned to slumber. What’s more, this process can go on, night after night, the hacked phone executing a programme that could last months or even years.

As I’ve already mentioned, I know of no recorded evidence for this actually happening but it’s both theoretically possible and it is something dark and dramatic. As Mark Twain once said; ‘it’s not whether it happened or didn’t happen but that it could have happened’. As a result, I’ll definitely be adding it to the Psi-Earth story. It can be one of the dangers our heroes face in the early stages, when they’re the target of the secret elite.

Psi-Earth - 4 - Technology - Identity Chips


Just to recap, Psi-Earth is an Alternative Earth story where the world is the same as the modern-day but it is a world where the ideas I've developed in my book 'How science shows that almost everything important we've been told is wrong' are correct and are being actively used by secret groups. The tragedy of the 'Psi-Earth' story is that human-kind is capable of psi-abilities but unfortunately, secret and powerful groups are keeping humanity blind to their own abilities in order that the ones who do use psi-abilities can maintain a critical advantage and control of power on Earth. It's a dark, dramatic, tense scenario that could make a very good novel or two. Rather than hide its development away in a notebook, I thought I'd blog its development instead while I work on my science fiction comedy novel.

In the first blog article, I talked about the basic premise of the story. In the second article, I described a potential main character, Xander, and the dangers he faced as soon as secret and powerful group became aware of his progression as a remote viewer. So far in the story, Xander has narrowly avoided being killed after being led into a trap by henchman working for one of the secret elite groups, or at least he thinks he avoided a trap. As every danger in the story is elusive and strange, it's very difficult for the main characters to be sure that they are in danger. In this way, the story is a lot like a classic spy story where agents must make life-or-death decisions based on the most enigmatic of clues. In the third article, I described part of the historical background for the Psi-Earth and the origins of the secret elite groups from the early and very influential Mystery Religions of Antiquity.

In this week's blog entry about Psi-Earth, I'll be talking about identity chips; implanted markers in the body of the people of Psi-Earth that the secret elite use to watch and monitor their behaviour, looking for anyone that could be a threat to their power.

One dark element of the Second World War Holocaust was the branding of inmates with a serial number. In this awful, dehumanising act, the Nazis attempted to reduce thinking and feeling individuals to little more than entries in an IBM database. (It's now hard to believe but according to several documented reports and a book by Edwin Black, these machines were present at the Nazi concentration camps in the form of pre-digital, punch-card, mechanical calculators. There were also serviced by IBM engineers as part of their service contracts; astonishing if true).

Fortunately, ordinary people in our modern-day world are not branded with identifying numbers by a cold, ruthless, authoritarian regime and the Psi-Earth story won’t include such methods but there is another, more sinister way to theoretically mark every person nowadays; through the use of tiny, implanted chips.

The presence of small chips with unique identification numbers is already a common part of our society. For example, RFID (Radio-Frequency IDentification) chips on many shop goods enable scanners to pick up from them a unique number. The scanner thereby knows what item to which that RFID chip is attached. Such chips are now a relatively crude item, technologically; they have no internal power supply and all they can do is respond with a number. Nevertheless, there is interest in people having such chips implanted in them, as discussed in this BBC article. This is an ominous idea as such an operation may not look as repulsive and abhorrent as the branding of Auschwitz Jews, but it has an equally significant result.

The Psi-Earth story won't be using RFID chips, as much more sophisticated chips are now available, even in the civilian sphere. These chips have been developed for medical purposes. Chips the size of a grain of rice are now capable of monitoring our heart-rate, blood sugar levels and other health markers. These chips are often only temporary inhabiters of our body, designed to pick up information while powered by a finite, tiny battery until they leave the body. More sophisticated versions of these medical chips can actually power themselves by drawing in glucose blood sugar, but they are very expensive items to create. They also require the consent of the patient and need to be implanted in an operation. In the Psi-Earth story, both of these issues are bypassed.

In the Psi-Earth story, the secret elite develop a way to implant a chip in everyone in the developed world without the individuals knowing anything about it. They manufacture the chips in the billions using cutting-edge military technology. They then implant the chips in people by winning the contract to supply a vaccine for a mass vaccination programme. As each is no wider than a human hair and a millimetre long, it is small enough to be embedded in the body as part of a seemingly simple vaccine injection. Since the vaccines are manufactured as one-use only and the vaccination programme is mandatory, the secret elite know that by including one of their 'hair-sliver' chips in each vaccination capsule, they will end up inside each person in the countries concerned.

The secret elite design these 'hair-sliver' chips to pick up brainwave patterns, along with other vital signs, and to store that information for 48 hours. This allows the secret elite to secretly monitor how people are thinking. In particular, if someone is developing good psi-abilities, this will show in the preponderance of that person's alpha, theta and delta brainwaves (rather than the 'distracted' beta waves). The secret elite can therefore monitor how much a psi-adept is progressing, day-to-day, by regularly picking up information from that person's 'hair-sliver' chip. If that person is appearing to be getting too good as a psi-adept, the secret elite can mark them as a danger.

In line with this idea, the Psi-Earth story will include our psi-adept characters finding out about the 'hair-sliver' chips in them. They'll know about these chips but how do they get them out? Early on, they won't be able to get them out or even be sure where in their bodies the chips reside. Instead, they'll be forced to try and prevent the foot soldiers of the secret elite reading the chips (which will probably, in the story, be done by someone simply pointing a modified smartphone at the target individual and reading the result on their screen). Cue strange machinations where our characters are watching for people pointing smartphones at them; an unnerving, near-paranoid scenario.

PLEASE NOTE: If any reader is concerned that the above idea will put people off vaccinations, which are a very important element of public health, do remember that Psi-Earth is being developed as a fictional story and is not a conspiracy theory. Any responsible adult, when reading, should always keep in their minds what is scientific fact and what is fiction.

For readers who'd like to explore more on the subject of sinister identity chip possibilities, I do recommend this interview from the Disclosure series. Unfortunately, it's not possible to chat to the person giving the interview as he died of a sudden illness a few years after making the video, but the information he did impart is nevertheless fascinating:

In next week's article, I'll continue on the subject of technology in the Psi-Earth story. Until then, have a good week!

Psi-Earth - 3 - Keeping Ancient Secrets


In this week's blog about my drama story idea, Psi-Earth, I thought it would be worth writing about historical secret societies and how evidence about their existence could be used to good effect in the Psi-Earth drama.

Just to recap, Psi-Earth is an Alternative Earth story where the world is the same as the modern-day but it is a world where the ideas I've developed in my book 'How science shows that almost everything important we've been told is wrong' are correct and are being actively used by secret groups. The tragedy of the 'Psi-Earth' story is that human-kind is capable of psi-abilities but unfortunately, secret and powerful groups are keeping humanity blind to their own abilities in order that the ones who do use psi-abilities can maintain a critical advantage and control of power on Earth. It's a dark, dramatic, tense scenario that could make a very good novel or two. Rather than hide its development away in a notebook, I thought I'd blog its development instead while I work on my science fiction comedy novel.

In the first blog article, I talked about the basic premise of the story. In the second article, I described a potential main character, Xander, and the dangers he faced as soon as secret and powerful group became aware of his progression as a remote viewer. So far in the story, Xander has narrowly avoided being killed after being led into a trap by henchman working for one of the secret elite groups, or at least he thinks he avoided a trap. As every danger in the story is elusive and strange, it's very difficult for the main characters to be sure that they are in danger. In this way, the story is a lot like a classic spy story where agents must make life-or-death decisions based on the most enigmatic of clues.

Before continuing a description of what our main characters face in the story and what will happen to them, I thought it would be worth exploring some factual evidence and testimony to develop or flesh out the scenario some more.

To start with, it's worth reading 'Stellar Theology and Masonic Astronomy' by Robert Hewitt Brown. Not only does Brown, who was a 32nd degree Mason, explain a lot about the origins of Masonic practice, but he also talks about the Mystery Religions of the Ancient World. These Mystery Religions are often associated with Ancient Greece (in particular the Eleusinian Mysteries and the Orphic Mysteries) but they may truly originate in Ancient Egypt or earlier. In particular the Temples of Isis, the wife of Osiris, was a key member of the Mystery Religions. Brown reports in his book that the Temple of Isis, now open to the elements, clearly shows that it was designed and built to create illusion and magic, in order to psychologically transform (or perhaps brainwash) its acolytes into true worship of its god. The architects and builders who were responsible for creating these tools of illusion (secret passages, moving platforms, false walls, speaking statues) were sworn to secrecy but it there was any sign that they wouldn't keep mum, other tools were used. For example, the Temple of Apollo at Delphi had a mysterious grotto. As Brown's book states:

"The individual whose name this cave bore was an architect of great skill, and in conjunction with his brother Agamides, was the architect of the Temple of Apollo at Delphi and they were, of course, the designers and constructors of all the mechanical secrets of that temple, no doubt far more ingenious and terrifying in their nature than those of the oracular cave just described. The Mysteries being also celebrated in the Temple, the demand for secrecy was imperative and the priests, fearing that the initiation of Trophonius and Agamides would not insure their silence, resorted to assassination. The brothers were desired by the god, through the priests, to be cheerful and to wait eight days for their reward. At the end of which period, they were found dead in their beds - the result of poison or some other secret means of murder. (See Salverti's "Philosophy of Magic", vol 1, Chapter XI)."

It's worth noting that it's perfectly possible that direct descendants of these Mystery Religions still exist today. Supposedly, the Roman Empire did ban the Mystery Religions when it adopted Christianity as its official religion but Brown's book makes it clear that in fact, the Romans quietly allowed the Mysteries to continue. As a result, they were 'celebrated in some form as late as the eighth century A.D'. Dr Oliver in his 'history of initiation' says that they were 'celebrated in Wales and Scotland down to the twelfth century'. Salver, in his 'Philosophy of Magic', states that the occult sciences, possessed by the secret societies of the middle ages in Europe were derived from the learning taught by the Ancient Mystery Religions. He goes on to say that; 'Liebnitz (the famous Mathematician and contemporary of Newton) penetrated into one of these societies at Nuremberg and obtained there instructions which he might perhaps have sought for in vain elsewhere.' It's worth noting that Newton himself spent more time in studying the occult than in what we would now call respectable science. Many readers will immediately note how close such an example is, in time and location, to the notorious Bavarian Illuminati and Hitler's infamous fascination with the occult. For more information on those topics, I definitely recommend Peter Levenda's books; they don't make for happy reading but they are well-researched and eye-opening.

All-in-all, it's clearly possible to making a compelling case in the 'Psi-Earth' story that the secret elite who are trying to kill our heroes are directly descended from Mystery Occult Religions formed in the earliest period of human civilisation. What's more, these secret elite groups are using the same techniques they perfected thousands of years before; psychological manipulation, brainwashing and the cunning strategy of killing their enemies so that it's not even clear that they were murdered, never mind leaving any clues as to who murdered them.

In the next blog article on this topic, I'll look into technology and how these Mystery Religion secret elites might have updated their tools of control.

Have a good week!

Psi-Earth - 2 - A targeted hero


This is the second in a series of blog articles developing a story idea that I've called 'Psi-Earth'. Psi-Earth is an Alternative Earth story where the world is the same as the modern-day but it is a world where the ideas I've developed in my book 'How science shows that almost everything important we've been told is wrong' are correct and are being actively used by secret groups. The tragedy of 'Psi-Earth' is that human-kind is capable of psi-abilities but unfortunately, secret and powerful groups are keeping humanity blind to their own abilities in order that the ones who do use psi-abilities can maintain a critical advantage and control of power on Earth. It's a dark, dramatic, tense scenario that could make a very good novel or two. Rather than hide its development away in a notebook, I thought I'd blog its development instead while I work on my science fiction comedy novel.

The previous and first blog on Psi-Earth explained the setup, of a group of heroes, newly developing their psi abilities, who become the target of these secret groups.

In this article, I thought I'd focus on a single character and flesh out how he develops his ability, ends up in the cross-hairs of the secret elites but stays alive. Let's call him Xander (as it's quite a cool name and has a 'X' in it). Xander is a young man who becomes intrigued by the writings of people like Ingo Swann, Robert Jahn, Jim Marrs and others. He uses resources on the internet and practices doing the psi abilities they describe. Xander finds he does have an ability at these psi-skills. Unfortunately for Xander, he makes the naive mistake of sending examples of what he's achieved to a remote viewing organisation. What he doesn't realise is that the organisation is a 'honey pot', created by one of the secret elite to unearth anyone with psi abilities.

Xander's first realisation that he's made a mistake and that he's a target comes when he senses that he himself is being remote viewed. One evening, shortly after sending his material to the organisation, Xander 'sees' the presence of two individuals in his own front room. [When Xander was young, the house he lived in was haunted. At first, Xander didn't know there was a ghost present but bad dreams, a cold 'presence' and the behaviour of his cat convinced him that a bodiless spirit did inhabit his house. He tried to focus, to be aware, to perceive where the ghost might be. After some effort, he realised that he could make out the location of the ghost; it wasn't physically visible but it was detectable. Xander describes it to a friend as though 'the light in a certain part of the room is polarised, as if something is standing there and influencing that space so it becomes altered, like the faintest of mirages']. In his living room, Xander realises that the two individuals whose presence he can detect are like ghosts. He also realises that they are remote viewing his home. Those two individuals are physically somewhere else but they have moved their mental location to his home in order to report on it and him; they are checking him out.

Xander realises with cold dread that he's made a calamitous mistake. No one is going to write back to him and congratulate him on his newly developed psi abilities. Instead, he's now marked as a problem, a rival, a potential pebble in the shoe of those that secretly influence and control Earth.

Shortly after this experience, Xander is invited to an event at the South Bank Centre in London. He's pleasantly surprised that he's been invited and is looking forward to it but in the night, he has a dark portentous dream. Shaken by the experience, he uses his remote viewing skills to explore what might happen at that future event in London. The result is immediately clear; his 'view' of the event is dominated by a large pool of blood. If his remote viewing skills are correct and if everything proceeds as expected, then someone's going to stab him to death at that location on that day. Xander decides to go regardless; he can't honestly believe anyone would kill him just because he had some low level psi skills. He travels to the South Bank Centre but he stays alert. On the way to the event, he notices suspicious characters, tough-looking men who seem to be acting as lookouts. At the last moment, he turns away from the normal route to the venue and approaches it from a side-route. The rest of the day proceeds as normal, but Xander is rattled; did he just survive an ambush or not?

Thus begins Xander's period as a targeted man. He is torn between different views. Is he really being targeted? Is a secret group really trying to kill him? Is it just paranoia? He knows that almost no one else would believe him if he explained his suspicions. He is entirely on his own.

'How science shows...' is now available to buy

My new non-fiction, popular science book 'How science shows that almost everything important we've been told is wrong' is now available to buy as a printed book stuffed with 300 pages of intriguing ideas, fascinating info, cute illustrations and the odd spelling mistake. It can be bought directly from the FeedaRead website, priced at £7.99 plus postage. It will also be available to order from major booksellers in three or four weeks time, after the files etc feed through to the distributors. Its ISBN-13 number is: 9781786970916. Here's the cover blurb:

“Nowadays, our scientific establishment makes out that they've pretty much understood all the important bits about reality, life, death, ourselves, the universe and well, everything. Unfortunately, this isn't true. In fact, many very important physicists in the last century pointed out that a fundamentally different view of the universe was needed to solve major paradoxes in science such as Schrödinger's Cat and the very nature of the Big Bang. This book describes what they discovered and more, thereby explaining the true nature of reality, life, death, God, ghosts, the brain, the Big Bang, evolution, aliens, pyramids, particles, Atlantis and, most especially, corn-on-the-cob. It also has lots of appealing illustrations and the odd joke, so you won't get bored half-way through.”

For more information on the book, check out its section on this website's home page.

Psi-Earth - 1 - An 'alternative Earth' story


This blog article is related to my new book; ’How science shows that almost everything important we’ve been told is wrong’, which will soon be ready to buy from the FeedaRead website and available to order from large booksellers as well. It has an ISBN-13 number (9781786970916). More info on the book is available on its web page.

To sum up the book again, ’How science shows…’ explains that the waking reality that we inhabit is a light-energy pattern that our minds collectively influence at the quantum level. In other words, reality isn’t a hard, solid place, a collection of independent objects that we can’t influence. Instead, reality is an ephemeral construction, a collaborative mental creation. Not only that, but our minds don’t come into existence from physical reality, we, as thinking minds, perceive and influence reality from a source outside of reality. As a result, our minds create our physical brains and bodies, not the other way around. It’s effectively turning the current official scientific view upside down, but by using evidence and theories put forward by eminent scientists; weird but true.
While thinking about the ideas in the book, I realised that the ideas in the book could be used to create a thrilling drama about a group of talented individuals up against a powerful and secretive elite. I thought it would be good to blog ideas about it on this website, as a sort of on-going production diary. I’m currently focussed on completing a science-fiction comedy novel, but it might be fun to develop and blog about another novel story, with its accompanying ‘alternative Earth’ theme, at the same time. I’m going to call this ‘alternative Earth’ Psi-Earth, after the Greek letter Psi (which looks like a three-pronged fork), which is traditionally associated with extra-sensory or paranormal abilities.

Psi-Earth is just like our Earth now, our current-day situation, except that Psi-Earth is a place where the ideas put forward in ‘How science shows…’ are both correct and are being successfully used, akin to the Ancient Egyptians or the Tibetans. Just to recap, if the book’s ideas are correct, then human beings can potentially (with a lot of effort) develop the following abilities:

The ability to gather information and perceive places, events and details remote to one’s location, both in space and time. This is currently described as ‘remote viewing’ but was also called ‘scrying’ in the past.

The ability to sense or be aware of potential events in the future. This is currently described as ‘precognition’, while the word ‘prescience’ is more associated with calculated anticipation.

The ability to move one’s mind and ‘spirit body’ to another location, separate from one’s physical body. This is usually referred to as ‘astral projection’ or ‘spirit travelling’.

The existence and potential ability to communicate with other minds that are not currently connected to a physical body, or minds existing at very remote locations.

The ability to generate power and create material using mental manipulation of energetic phenomena at a quantum level.

(Note: For readers interested in the historical and modern evidence for people actually possessing these skills, I recommend the books ‘Magic and Mystery in Tibet’ by Alexandra David-Neil. For a more recent study of people developing skills in this area, I’d recommend 'Margins of Reality' by Prof Robert Jahn, ‘Psi Spies’ by Jim Marrs and almost any non-fiction book by Ingo Swann, who worked as a remote viewer for the U.S. Military).

It doesn’t take much thought to imagine that Earth would become an incredible and amazing place if such paranormal abilities were possible and also that the majority of people on Earth could use them. Our civilisation would become filled with super-druids, Tibetan Masters and Buddhist Bodhisattvas all making use of zero-point, cold-fusion technology, It all sounds extremely cool but it would be almost unrecognisable compared to our current situation, which isn't really the idea of the Psi-Earth story, so I won't be writing about that.

Instead, the Psi-Earth story would be a darker, everyday, 'almost like normal' story based around the idea that certain powerful and secretive groups had known for some time that reality was a light-energy pattern and that our minds influence and shape reality. These groups have, by the present day of the story, developed mind-assisted zero-point energy generators, mind-assisted cold-fusion units, telepathy skills, remote viewing, out-of-body journeying, prescience etc. Not surprisingly in the story, these groups have, as a result, gained a huge advantage over everyone else, all the ordinary people who continue to believe that only physical things exists and that our minds are nothing more that the side-effects of chemical activity. These secretive, elite groups are the real Lords of Psi-Earth, the people who really control the planet and everyone on it.

In comparison, nearly all the ordinary people of Psi-Earth believe something fundamentally different. They all believe in Materialism or in some irrational religious belief-system. These belief systems keep the ordinary people blind to the true situation, that they all have the potential to do amazing things, to do things that they think only belong to the ‘gods’ or fictional wizards. The ancient Hermetica tellingly said that; ‘a god is an immortal man and man, a mortal god’ but the ordinary people of Psi-Earth are blind to this fact. They have been hobbled by believing falsehoods. This makes the Psi-Earth story darkly oppressive because everyone on Earth is in a prison of their own beliefs. They are not being subjugated through brute-force by oppressive overlords putting up huge billboards threatening punishments or sending gestapo-like-squads hunting down perpetrators, but by a more powerful and subtle obstacle; the widespread adoption of a convincing false belief, which is a far more effective barrier.

In Plato’s ‘Critias’, the Egyptian Priest states:

“In the days of old the gods had the whole earth distributed among them by allotment… They all peopled [populated] their own districts; and when they had peopled them they tended us, their nurselings and possessions, as shepherds tend their flocks, excepting only that they did not use blows or bodily force, as shepherds do, but governed us like pilots from the stern of the vessel, which is an easy way of guiding animals, holding our souls by the rudder of persuasion according to their own pleasure; thus did they guide all mortal creatures.”

The Psi-Earth story is a 21st Century version of this very situation; of a small number of elite groups controlling all the ordinary people of Earth through clever persuasion. In the story, Earth’s history can be re-interpreted. The strategy of the Catholic Church to violently suppress all shamanic and wicca practices for two thousand years was not part of a Christian ideology but simply a plan steered by secret groups within the Catholic Church to eradicate any development of psi-skills among ordinary people. In addition, the development of secular science was also infiltrated by secretive, powerful groups who steered that movement to promulgate a mistaken belief in Materialism. That establishment then pushed a secular message, that ‘paranormal’ abilities were a waste of time, indicative only of stupidity or insanity. In that way, the secret power groups of Psi-Earth used both the religious and scientific establishments to keep the ordinary people ignorant and powerless.

At this point in the Psi-Earth story, we need a hero or two enter the stage. Just as in any thrilling drama, we need a group of people who find out the truth, find out what they can do. In that way, it’s like the TV series ‘Heroes’, except that these people in Psi-Earth realise that everyone can have these abilities, not just some select few.

At the beginning, most of these individuals are naive; they think that everyone will want to know what they’ve found and the good it will do to humanity. They don’t realise that the secret elite don’t want everyone to know because if that happened, the secret elite would lose their advantage over everyone else, their power and control. The secret elite groups may fight each other sometimes but they are united in one goal; to stop all the ordinary people of Psi-Earth discovering what they themselves are capable of.

Our heroes, freshly aware of the truth, are immediately in great danger. As soon as they begin openly talking about what they’ve found, the secret groups spot them and close in. The secret groups can spot them quickly partly because they've set up organisations that pretend to help develop psi-skills as ‘honey traps’. These organisations draw the newbie psi-people in, thereby uncovering anyone with strong abilities so they can target them specifically.

The only thing that prevents our heroes dying at this early stage in the hands of the secret elite's assassins is that the secret elite don’t want to kill our heroes blatantly. If our heroes are clearly assassinated then that would draw attention to them and what they were working on, which is the last things the secret elite groups want. The secret elite therefore do want to kill our heroes but at the same time, they want the deaths to look like suicides, accidents, unlucky illnesses etc.

All these elements should make for a darkly dramatic situation that has an element of black-humour; a modern-day world where some curious people are putting forward ideas that are actually true but are officially said to be rubbish and generally laughed at. Our heroes face ridicule, crises of confidence and disinformation even before the lethal dangers appear. Then, they are embroiled in a life-threatening but paradoxical situation where secret and powerful groups (who don’t officially exist) are trying to kill them while making sure that the murders will be regarded as suicides or some sad twist of fate.

I’ll blog again on this topic soon. In the meantime, it's back to the science-fiction comedy.

The Florence Baptistery Enigma

One of the most important buildings in Florence, Italy, is its Baptistery. As the name suggests, this is where all Florentine Catholics were traditionally baptised, which was the case right up until the nineteenth century (when there were simple too many Florentines to make the process practical). The Baptistery is an octagonal building and is one of the oldest buildings in the city. It was constructed between 1059 and 1128 in the Florentine Romanesque style, at the very beginnings of the Italian Renaissance.

The Baptistry is famous for its three sets of artistically important bronze doors. These doors are special because they are decorated with intricate relief sculptures. In particular, the East doors of the building are decorated with a series of reliefs by Lorenzo Ghiberti. These are ten in number and they illustrate scenes from the Old Testament. Their quality of craftsmanship is so high that Michelangelo once referred to them as ‘the Gates of Paradise’. Read More...

Christmas, Spirituality and The Apartment

At this time of the year, a lot of people get heartily involved in the popular elements of Christmas. That's great, but many people don't often know the origins of such elements. For example, the popular figure of Santa Claus is actually based on a Lapland ogre with a bright red face who was said to climb down the chimney and devour the children in their beds. Food was left out on Christmas night in a bid to prevent the monstrous humanoid from chomping on the kiddy-winkies. Parents traditionally told their children this story for reasons I'm not too clear on. Later, St Nicholas became the visitor that children would get if they were good and the ogre would come if they were bad, a figure that was later morphed into 'Black Pete', a man covered in soot, possibly from his hostile, chimney-based approach.


Other people focus on the Christian story; a baby in a manger, along with a big, bright moving star and three kings or Magi who visit the infant, bringing gifts. This whole scene, oddly enough, is strongly connected to Ancient Egyptian beliefs. In Ancient Egypt, the star Sirius, associated with the god Osiris, the brightest star in the Northern Hemisphere, was 'born' at the beginning of the Egyptian Summer when it rose above the horizon. Its arrival was always accompanied by the Three Kings stars, a.k.a. Orion's Belt. Also, the word 'Magi' is the root word of 'Magician' and originates with the Zoroastrian religion popular in Persia in the centuries before Christ, a religion from which the cult of Mithra was born.