Psi-Earth - 5 - Technology - Smartphones


Just to recap, Psi-Earth is an Alternative Earth story where the world is the same as the modern-day but it is a world where the ideas I've developed in my book 'How science shows that almost everything important we've been told is wrong' are correct and are being actively used by secret groups. The tragedy of the 'Psi-Earth' story is that human-kind is capable of psi-abilities but unfortunately, secret and powerful groups are keeping humanity blind to their own abilities in order that the ones who do use psi-abilities can maintain a critical advantage and control of power on Earth. It's a dark, dramatic, tense scenario that could make a very good novel or two. Rather than hide its development away in a notebook, I thought I'd blog its development instead while I work on my science fiction comedy novel.

In the first blog article, I talked about the basic premise of the story. In the second article, I described a potential main character, Xander, and the dangers he faced as soon as secret and powerful group became aware of his progression as a remote viewer. So far in the story, Xander has narrowly avoided being killed after being led into a trap by henchman working for one of the secret elite groups, or at least he thinks he avoided a trap. As every danger in the story is elusive and strange, it's very difficult for the main characters to be sure that they are in danger. In this way, the story is a lot like a classic spy story where agents must make life-or-death decisions based on the most enigmatic of clues. In the third article, I described part of the historical background for the Psi-Earth and the origins of the secret elite groups from the early and very influential Mystery Religions of Antiquity. In the fourth article, I talked about identity chips and how each person in the developed world could have on inside themselves without knowing it.

This week’s blog article on ‘Psi Earth’ continues the subject of technology and is all about smartphones.

In the entire history of surveillance and population control, nothing comes close to the power of the smartphone. It combines the influencing power of the television, the surveillance power of the secreted bug and many more besides. Infamous secret elites throughout history would have given their right eye to have access to a device that the common masses would willingly walk around with all day, a device that they would constantly stare at and a device from which they would gain most of their knowledge of what was going on. The potent combination of a smartphone and the social networking system, run by a small number of huge corporations, has all the potential to become an iCult, a system in which all members only hear what their iCult leaders want them to hear and even that information is heavily distorted to fit with the leaders’ agendas.

At the moment, the main concerns about smartphones are their ability to track people’s location and download a copy of the information they place on their phone. This concern is well-established and Edward Snowden, the U.S. N.S.A. whistleblower, has talked extensively about software packages secretly installed on target phones that carry out such tasks (endearingly given names from the Smurfs). Snowden has also recently been involved in developing a case that can tell the owner when the phone is connecting to bluetooth and wi-fi without the owner’s consent.

But there is another field of activity that a smartphone is capable of that has not been mentioned (to my knowledge). The power of recent smartphones has enabled voice assistants to become a viable piece of installed software, with Apple’s ‘Siri’ being a well-known example. These voice-assistance programmes are now able to draw upon information stored about their users on the phone and use that information to suggest or give recommendations to the user. This is all very useful and can be a great tool. In addition, smartphone software is now also able to analyse their owner’s sleep patterns in order to advise and help them with healthier routines, sleep problems and other related issues. If we combine these two developments, someone's smartphone can help and assist them 24 hours a day, when they are awake and asleep.

But if we combine these items together - the voice assistant and the sleep analyst - then someone’s smartphone has the potential to do something dark. Someone's smartphone has the potential to mesmerise their owner while that owner is asleep. For anyone panicked by this idea, keep in mind that no one’s reported this happening (as far as I know) but it is theoretically possible. The setup is straightforward. If a person goes to sleep with their phone beside them then if the phone has been hacked, it can listen to them throughout the night, even if it is 'officially' turned off. The phone can analyse their breathing patters, the sound of their movements in bed and calculate when they are at their most receptive to suggestion. It can then speak to them in whatever voice is most influential to them, from the voice-assistant's library, based on information gathered about that person. As a result, in a low-key but effective way, the phone can mesmerise or at least significantly influence its owner. What’s more, this entire process can be carried out automatically, following a complex and sophisticated algorithm. Since smartphone microphones are of excellent quality nowadays, akin to the microphones of professional sound studios thirty years ago, the programme can even monitor if anyone else in earshot wakes up or enters the scene. If that happens, the programme can immediately go quiet until that interloper has gone or returned to slumber. What’s more, this process can go on, night after night, the hacked phone executing a programme that could last months or even years.

As I’ve already mentioned, I know of no recorded evidence for this actually happening but it’s both theoretically possible and it is something dark and dramatic. As Mark Twain once said; ‘it’s not whether it happened or didn’t happen but that it could have happened’. As a result, I’ll definitely be adding it to the Psi-Earth story. It can be one of the dangers our heroes face in the early stages, when they’re the target of the secret elite.