The Great Secret graphic novel is now available to buy

The Great Secret graphic novel (190 pages of visual story adventure) is now available as a digital download for Kindle and for the iPad. I’ve asked a few friends to check out the digital version and it all looks good so far, but I’m keen to get as much (helpful) feedback as possible. If you do buy a digital copy (currently £4.99) and you like it, I’d be most grateful if you put in a review on the vendor’s site. If you have any problems with your copy of the graphic novel, do please let me know via the contact form or in the comments field on ‘the great secret’ page (currently under construction) which also contains more info on the book.

The comments I've received so far on the iPad version are good, but two readers did point out that because the graphic novel is a big data file (about 130Mb for the iBooks version), it can take a while to download. Also, while the book is downloading on to the iPad, the reader doesn't get a lot of visual indicators that the iPad is doing this; it can just look as if it's stuck. If the reader simply leaves the iPad alone for a bit, all becomes right as rain after a short period of time.

I haven't received much feedback on the Kindle version yet, but I will post all info on the Great Secret page when it comes in.

The story's description is as follows: It is the 1920’s. In London, a young man called Prof discovers that his uncle has escaped from a mental asylum. Following clues, he discovers his uncle in an old church, where the old man talks of elder gods, secret groups and hidden facts about Humanity’s past. Prof refuses to believe the tales and runs away. Later, his uncle’s stories remind him of a puzzle from his own past. He researches and solves that puzzle. Its answer sends him to Egypt. There, amidst the dunes and stone edifices, he discovers an ancient secret from the dawn of civilisation, one that transforms his understanding of the world but puts his life in grave danger.

I've tried to write the story so that it succeeds as a fun adventure, but my main aim is to get across to the reader some fascinating new theories about the origins of our civilisations, the purpose of the Giza Pyramids, alien contact and a few other, related topics. These topics are also covered in my articles on Laser transmissions from Sirius and the Great Pyramid and 2787 BC. The graphic novel is aimed at teenagers and above. A sample chapter is available on the iBook site and also on the great secret page on this site (or you can download it here).