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Here's some sample science-fiction stories I've written over the years. Click on the titles to go to the story pages.
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18% Happier - This is a dialogue-based, comedy, science-fiction short-story in which a man rings a computer help-line and pours out his unhappiness at his girlfriend's behaviour, technology and the false-promises it has brought. This, I think, was a big step forward in terms of writing. I focussed on dialogue, a fast-pace and funny, thought-provoking ideas. Fortunately, it got a runners-up prize in Arc science-fiction magazine, which was a huge confidence boost.
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The Lost Emotion (which is basically a monologue) won a short-story competition in 'Arc' science-fiction magazine, years ago. I still like it. I especially the fact that it's based on an intriguing scientific discovery. that if we make an expression, we will feel the corresponding emotion. For example, if we make ourselves smile, we will feel happier. 'The Lost Emotion' expands on that idea, with a twist. Seasoned readers probably won't be surprised that it has a dystopian element but hey, I do try to make my stories at least a little realistic. ;-)
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Tags is a science-fiction short story that draws upon the ideas and evidence I've described in my articles about a Laser Transmission from Sirius and Evolution and Alien Viruses. I entered the story in a competition, yonks ago, who's name I can't even remember but I didn't get selected. Rather than it being lost at the back of a proverbial shelf, here it is for you to read.
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The Pique of Civilisation is another dialogue-based, science-fiction, comedy short story. I'm usually reluctant to write stupid female characters, although I have no problems at all writing stupid male characters. I guess that's a sort of inverted sexism. In this case, I did write two idiotic female characters and I think it works. These two ladies are incredibly shallow in an amusing way and there are ladies out there of that ilk, so it's a reasonable thing to do. Hopefully, you'll find it thought-provoking and funny too.
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A few years ago, I wrote and illustrated a graphic novel called the Great Secret. It is currently available on Kindle. It was my first graphic novel and, not surprisingly, it’s a bit rough at the edges but I’m still pleased I did it. The first, sample chapter can be downloaded here.
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The Serial Samaritan was my 2017 entry to the Jonathan Cape Graphic Short Story Competition (the winner can be seen here). Alas, my story wasn’t shortlisted but I’m still pleased I did it. It’s a satire based on the idea that a well-organised, pragmatic, amoral society can look indistinguishable from a supposedly moral one. The twist in the story is that in such a society, someone carrying out selfless acts will look demented, sick, dangerous and revolutionary. They'd be a great hero and anti-hero.
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I wrote Enduring Love, years ago, for the Jonathan Cape Graphic Short Story Competition. Sadly, it didn’t get shortlisted but I’m still pleased with it and its message. I am a bit romantic at heart and it definitely shows in this story. An ex-girlfriend of mine read it and burst into tears at the end, which is not a bad result for a four-page story!